Motion Detection Recording

When motion detection recording is enabled, CyberLink YouCam begins a recording if your webcam detects motion and then stops once the movement ends.

To enable a motion detection recording, do this:

  1. Select the YouCam vsbutt10 Motion Detection Recording tab to display the Video Surveillance Settings.
  2. Select the Motion detection recording option and then enter the Recording end time in the fields provided.
  3. In the Define detection area, use your mouse to resize and then drag the box to the location on the video image where you CyberLink YouCam to detect motion.
  4. Use the Sensitivity slider to set the level of motion sensitivity. You may need to scroll down in the settings window to find this slider.
  5. Select Start. CyberLink YouCam enters stand by mode and captures video when it detects motion.
YouCam note Motion Detection Recording

Note: CyberLink YouCam remains in stand by mode for motion recording until the specified end time or until you select the Stop button.

  1. Any recorded videos are placed in the captured content area and saved to the capture folder specified in Capture settings.
YouCam note Motion Detection Recording

Note: you can right-click on the captured video and select Locate File on Disk to view its saved location on your computer.

Motion Detection Recording