Auto E-mailing Surveillance Videos

Once a surveillance video finishes recording, CyberLink YouCam can automatically e-mail* the captured video to a specified e-mail address.

YouCam note Auto E mailing Surveillance Videos

Note: * this feature is not available in some versions of CyberLink YouCam.

To automatically e-mail a captured surveillance video, do this:

  1. In Video Surveillance Settings, select the Auto e-mail option to enable this feature and then select YouCam autoem62 Auto E mailing Surveillance Videos .
  2. Enter in the e-mail settings information as follows:
    • E-mail address: enter in the e-mail address you want CyberLink YouCam to automatically e-mail the captured videos to.
    • E-mail size: select the maximum size for each e-mailed video file. If the file size exceeds the maximum selected, CyberLink YouCam splits the file into smaller video files for e-mailing.
    • SMTP host: enter in the mail server CyberLink YouCam can use to e-mail the video. Please consult your ISP provider for this information.
    • Username: enter the your e-mail username.
    • Password: enter your e-mail password.
    • Capture folder: select the folder where you want the e-mailed videos saved. Select YouCam browse64 Auto E mailing Surveillance Videos to change the specified folder if required.
  3. Select OK to save the settings. CyberLink YouCam automatically e-mails a captured surveillance video to the specified e-mail address the next time it finishes capturing one.

Auto E-mailing Surveillance Videos