Sharing Files

In the IM mode of CyberLink YouCam, you can share files for viewing during a webcam session (in the PPT, PPTX, JPG, BMP or PNG formats). When sharing is enabled, users can use one of three modes to view a file together.

YouCam note Sharing Files

Note: Microsoft PowerPoint files with the extension PPTX, are not supported in the IM sharing mode if Microsoft Office 2007 is not installed on your system. However, if you are using Microsoft Office 2002/2003, you can install a converter from Microsoft to view these files in the IM sharing mode.

To begin sharing a file during a webcam session in IM mode, do this:

  1. In the CyberLink YouCam IM window, select the YouCam sharet66 Sharing Files tab.
  2. Select the YouCam import68 Sharing Files button or drag and drop the files you want to share in the space provided.
  3. Select a file and then the YouCam playbu70 Sharing Files button to begin displaying the shared documents within your webcam window. Use the YouCam presli74 Sharing Files or YouCam nextsl73 Sharing Files button to go to the previous or next slide/image.
YouCam note Sharing Files

Note: you can set the amount of time each PowerPoint slide or image displays during sharing on the User preferences tab. See User Preferences for more information.

  1. Select one of the following share modes:
    • YouCam fullwi72 Sharing Files Full window mode: the shared file occupies the entire webcam video window.
    • YouCam speake75 Sharing Files Speaker mode: the shared file and a larger webcam video are shown simultaneously. Lets you show the shared file in a small display area and include your webcam video to help explain it.
    • YouCam teachmod Sharing Files Teacher mode: the webcam video and a larger view of the shared file are shown simultaneously. Lets you display a larger image of the shared file, while still including a smaller webcam image to help explain the shared document.
  2. Select the YouCam stopsh78 Sharing Files button to clear the shared document viewing and return to the normal webcam session.

Sharing Files