User Preferences

Select the YouCam uptab21 User Preferences tab to configure the following settings:


  • Open the Effects Room when YouCam is launched: select this option to display the Effects Room automatically when CyberLink YouCam is opened.
  • Show system tray icon at startup: when selected, the YouCam icon is displayed in the system tray every time Windows is launched. This allows you to have quicker access to the CyberLink YouCam program.
  • Enable display scaling on high DPI: if you are using a high resolution monitor (for example 1920×1200), select this item, and adjust your DPI setting to 144 or above, to increase the size of the CyberLink YouCam program. This up scales the size of the UI and makes all the text and features easier to read.
  • Enable effect preview: when selected, CyberLink YouCam displays a preview of the frame, distortion and filter effects in the effect thumbnail. Disable this option to save computer resources.
  • Change UI language: select the desired language of the CyberLink YouCam user interface. Select Auto to have the UI language match your computer’s operating system language.
  • Skin color: select the desired color of the CyberLink YouCam user interface face.
  • Captured content view: select whether you want to display the media in the captured content area in a list view or as thumbnails.
  • Effect thumbnail size: lets you select the size of the effect thumbnails for emotion effects, avatars, gadgets, scenes, etc.


  • PowerPoint slide / image display duration: enter in the duration (in seconds) each PowerPoint slide or image displays when viewing a shared PowerPoint/image file in IM mode.

User Preferences