Uploading Video to YouTube

You can upload captured video directly to YouTube from within CyberLink YouCam. You can also share the effect information used in your video with other CyberLink YouCam users on DirectorZone.

To upload a captured video to YouTube, do this:

YouCam note Uploading Video to YouTube

Note: you can only upload one video at a time.

  1. If you want to share effect information on DirectorZone, select the DirectorZone link on the CyberLink YouCam title bar and then follow the steps to sign in to DirectorZone.
  2. Select the video in the captured content area that you want to upload to YouTube.
  3. Select the YouCam youtub32 Uploading Video to YouTube button. The Upload Videos to YouTube wizard opens, displaying the sign in to YouTube window.
  4. To sign in to YouTube do one of the following:
    • if you already have a YouTube account, enter in your username and password and then select the Next button to sign in and authorize CyberLink YouCam to use your account to upload content.
    • if do not have a YouTube account, select the Sign up to YouTube button to create a new account and then authorize CyberLink YouCam to use your account to upload content.
  5. The video details window displays. Enter the details about your video as follows:
    • Title: enter the title of your webcam video.
    • Description: enter in a short description of your webcam video.
    • Tags: enter in several tags, separated by a comma, that describe your video. Tags are keywords that people can search for on YouTube.
YouCam note Uploading Video to YouTube

Note: you must enter a title, description, and at least one tag before you can upload your video.

    • Video category: select the relevant video category type from the available list.
    • Broadcast: select whether to share your video with the world or set it as private.
  1. Select the Next button to proceed. The copyright disclaimer window is displayed.
  2. Read and confirm the copyright information by selecting the corresponding check box and then select the Upload to begin uploading your webcam video to YouTube. Select the Finished button once your video is uploaded.

Uploading Video to YouTube